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2018-2022 Honda Accord Multicolor Chasing Ambient Lighting Kit

2018-2022 Honda Accord Multicolor Chasing Ambient Lighting Kit

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  • Included: 4 door panels, dash left side panel, dash front side panel, 4 footwell lights, 5 bowl lights, 4 handle lights 1 master controller, 5 sub controllers, drill bit, footwell drill bit, & extensions.
  • bright all around
  • Equal brightness all around
  • Welcome effect
  • Precision cutting to fit the oem panels
  • Free app to control from ios or android
  • May combinations integrated within the app
  • Features both chasing effects & solid colors

What are Atmosphere Multicolor Ambient Lights used for? 

Atmosphere multicolor ambient lights are primarily used for decorative purposes and to add a unique touch to a vehicle's appearance. These lights are typically made up of a series of LED lights that are programmed to turn on and off in a sequence, creating a flowing or "chasing" effect.

When installed in a car, atmosphere multicolor ambient lights can enhance the vehicle's appearance by creating a visually dynamic and eye-catching effect, particularly when the vehicle is in motion. These lights can also be customized to produce a wide range of colors and patterns, allowing drivers to customize the look of their car to suit their tastes.

In addition to their decorative appeal, atmosphere multicolor ambient lights can also provide some practical benefits. For example, these lights can make it easier for drivers to see the ground around the car at night, which can be particularly helpful when entering or exiting the vehicle in dark areas.

However, it's important to note that some jurisdictions have laws regulating the use of certain types of automotive lighting, so it's essential to check your local laws before installing any additional lighting on your vehicle.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Worth the money no doubt

The interior lights completely transformed the look of the car, looks oem+. Shipping was Amazing levels of quick and quality was top tier. I’m definitely looking to purchase products from here again!

Single solid strip

Ngl, the wavy and the stare design are valid and all but I wanted more of a sold look. I managed to find it on other sites but didnt look as professional and organized as redlinemods. I also managed to find it professionals who specialize in ambient lighting and just for the kit alone they wanted $1200 tell me about head cracking 🤦‍♂️. I hit redline asking if he can find me the style I wanted since I ain’t see it on his site and within a day he got back to me saying yes and within a week I received it. His customer service is top tier the longest they’ll ever take at redlinemods is a day, most companies just push you away for weeks but not here lol. Wholesome person, understandable, easygoing. Did the installation and it came out perfect. I thought it’ll be a horrible install since it’s aftermarket and I felt like the placement wouldn’t fit, but to my surprise it looks so OEM idk why Honda couldn’t bless up with ambient lighting themselves lol. Anyways I recommend these ambient lights it brings your car much more life and it gives it a unique look.

Amazing product

Quick install. Fast & easy. Super bright lights. Really give life to your interior

Looks great

Kit looks very nice shipping was fast and great customer service along with the YouTube video on how to install the kit, only thing would point out is that a tap in fuse should be included in the kit otherwise will have to order one separate on the website or past by your local AutoZone for one other than that I would definitely recommend this. Follow the ig for more pics and videos

Best lights in the game

I love it . its amazing . Fits in perfectly.