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  • Premium Chasing Ambient Lighting Kit (16 Piece Set )
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Premium Chasing Ambient Lighting Kit (16 Piece Set)

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  • Included: 8 led strips (43.4"), 4 footwell lights, 4 bowl lights
  • Acrylic material
  • bright led lights
  • equal brightness all around
  • flexible
  • can be cut at desired location
  • free app to control from ios or android
  • over 200 chasing combinations
  • Features both chasing effects & solid colors

What are Premium Chasing Ambient Lights used for? 

Premium chasing ambient lights are primarily used for decorative purposes and to add a unique touch to a vehicle's appearance. These lights are typically made up of a series of LED lights that are programmed to turn on and off in a sequence, creating a flowing or "chasing" effect.

When installed in a car, premium chasing ambient lights can enhance the vehicle's appearance by creating a visually dynamic and eye-catching effect, particularly when the vehicle is in motion. These lights can also be customized to produce a wide range of colors and patterns, allowing drivers to customize the look of their car to suit their tastes.

In addition to their decorative appeal, premium chasing ambient lights can also provide some practical benefits. For example, these lights can make it easier for drivers to see the ground around the car at night, which can be particularly helpful when entering or exiting the vehicle in dark areas.

However, it's important to note that some jurisdictions have laws regulating the use of certain types of automotive lighting, so it's essential to check your local laws before installing any additional lighting on your vehicle.

Customer Reviews

Based on 60 reviews
Sikder Ibrahim
Awesome kit

Love the startup animation. Even has music mode!! Never knew that.

Gerardo Salvador

Great quality and easy to install

Worth It

I had questions/concerns before I made my purchase. Redlinemods responded quickly and I felt comfortable buying these lights. Fast delivery and the video tutorial on YouTube was on point. You can follow the tutorial and DIY. The finished install is totally worth it guys!!! Try them out

Gazi Ali
Best customer service for a great product

Israr walked me through the installation , his YouTube instruction are very helpful. I had to order some replacement led strips, and he always responded right away and he helped me trouble shoot any issues I was having within seconds. Don’t hesitate , treat yourself and your car.

Ambient Lighting

Best kit you can get and works on any car. Look great! Looks oem high end quality too.