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  • Active Valve Exhaust
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Active Valve Exhaust

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  • Active exhaust system mufflers
  • Comes in pair (left & right)
  • remote included to open & close valves
  • Valves can be opened 25% 50% 75% or 100% to provide the sound you desire.
  • Hardware included

NOTE: Have a professional install this kit

Customer Reviews

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honestly had my doubts in the beginning about doing this because some people were telling me why not just get a muffler and res delete and have it sound nice. but when u live in a quiet neighborhood you can’t always drive quietly after that. So the best solution to that was this active exhaust, literally the best mod you can do to ur car and not deal with neighbors complaining. comes with a remote that u can easily wire through the car whenever you feel like opening the exhaust for car meets or just driving you just use the remote and whenever your about to go in to your neighborhood you just close it and it literally goes back to sounding 95% stock!!! (i mostly just hear a little non noticeable sporty tone while they are closed) even though i did a muffler and res delete the exaust allows you to just close the valve to block the loud exhaust noise and open it when you want it back! it’s like opening your garage from a remote when your pulling up it’s the most convenient thing you can have. And not to mention unlike getting a res and muffler delete only with this exaust it allows the car to create burble noises even in my 1.5t accord 👀 10/10 fr